Author: Joe Hall

10 Common SEO Mistakes Made When Switching To HTTPS

Unfortunately, over the years I have found more SEO risk switching to HTTPS, than the claimed SEO value. In fact, I oftentimes feel that switching to HTTPS provides such a large risk for SEO, that in many cases it’s not warranted or even desired to do such a change. However, now Google is applying more […]

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Multi-Page SEO Technique

NOTE FROM EDITOR [Joe]: The following guest post is by the amazing Mr. Ammon Johns. It was first published in 2011 on his own site. However because, Ammon, is some kind of weirdo, he deleted it quite some time ago. BUT, he has given me permission to republish here in it’s entirety! Personally, this post changed the way I thought about information architecture and internal linking. It beautifully articulates how to increase customer/user experience, and apply an aggressive approach to SEO at the same time. Win/Win!

This is the long-awaited update to my classic 3-page search engine optimization technique, which was first published in 2003.  This is a rare example of a specific SEO technique that has been used successfully for many years.

It can be openly shared in this way because it is a technique that also enhances usability, and is not in itself in any way ‘shadey’ or deceptive to search engines. (more…)

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