How I use Google Analytics 4 for SEO

Hello, everyone! Today, I’m going to share some insights into how I leverage Google Analytics 4, particularly for SEO. The text of this post was generated from AI based on the audio transcribe of the video above. SEO is my area of expertise – it’s my one-trick magic, if you will. And here, I’ll show you exactly how I, the “one-trick pony,” employ Google Analytics 4.

When you sign into Google Analytics, you’re greeted by a dashboard, which is your main overview of your site’s data. However, I spend most of my time diving into the ‘Reports’ section, the core of data analysis.

Custom SEO Reports

In my Google Analytics 4 setup, I’ve created a custom report collection labelled ‘SEO Reports’ under which there’s a category named ‘Organic Reports.’ Inside this category, I’ve constructed six distinct organic reports. Let me walk you through these reports.

1. Organic Dashboard

The Organic Dashboard is essentially a compilation of summary cards from other reports within my SEO reports collection. Although it might seem a bit convoluted at first glance, it starts to make sense once you examine the other reports.

2. Organic Traffic Report

This report gives a simple overview of organic traffic. It presents the traffic trends over a given time period, focusing on the first user medium for organic traffic.

3. Organic Landing Pages Report

The Organic Landing Pages report illustrates the same organic traffic pattern as the Organic Traffic report. Additionally, it presents a list of landing pages, along with their query strings, that are garnering metrics from organic search.

4. Referring Search Engines Report

This report indicates the search engines sending traffic to your website. In my case, I mostly focus on Google due to the significant share of organic traffic it provides.

5. Organic Conversions Report

The Organic Conversions report presents the conversions or goals setup in the events section of Analytics, which originate from organic traffic.

6. Organic Traffic by Country Report

This report breaks down the countries from which your website is receiving organic traffic. This information can fluctuate depending on the popularity of certain content on different days.

All these reports are represented in summary form on the Organic Dashboard.

Learn with My Google Analytics 4 for SEO Course

If you appreciate my approach to Google Analytics and believe it could benefit your or your clients’ websites, I offer a course on Gumroad that delves into how to set up each of these reports.

This comprehensive, cost-effective course includes ten detailed videos that guide you through the process of creating each report. If videos aren’t your style, the course also provides a report creation cheat sheet in a PDF format.

Alongside the videos and PDF, you’ll also gain access to code samples and an exclusive invitation to my private, members-only Slack channel. This is an excellent platform to join the conversation about best SEO practices and the most effective ways to use Google Analytics 4.

I hope this information was beneficial to you, and I look forward to helping you explore more about Google Analytics 4 in the future. Stay tuned!


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