White Label SEO Audits For Agencies and Consultants

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Would you like to add high quality technical SEO audits preformed by an experienced technical SEO to your agency’s offering? Do you need a reliable SEO to help with overflow? Do you want to knock your consulting services out of the park in the first month of your retainer? If you answered yes to any of the above, then I have some great news for you!

Through the last half of 2019 (and now into 2021) I started working closer with a select group of agencies to supplement and enrich their technical SEO services. As a result I have developed a streamlined white label SEO consulting service that can take any agency to the next level.

What you can expect from a white labeled audit:

Beautifully designed interactive reports. In 2014 I developed a custom reporting dashboard that has allowed me to write and output my audits in interactive HTML/CSS/JS. The result is easy to read audits and reports that clients love to dive into and learn from. With the ability to embed charts, tables, code samples, and more; these audits are guaranteed to outperform your competitor’s boring Word Documents and PDFs. These types of reports are easy to white label with your agency’s logos, color options, and even branded URLs to share in email. If you’d like to see an example audit, email me now.

Seamless workflow. Along with the interactive reports, each agency also gets a custom reports dashboard. From with in it you’ll have access to: easy report management/status, instant quote calculator, direct communication with me, and new features regularly added. I am also available to work with in your project management system of choice.

Experience driven, not tool focused. There are many automated audit and reporting tools available to white label and resell. While these might be useful to some, they lack a nuanced understanding of the SEO and web development process. I use tools such as ScreamingFrog and SEMRush like many other SEOs. But each one of my audits is based on years of experience, and an attention to detail that an automated tool can’t deliver. Which is why I often tell clients that the most powerful SEO tool I use, is the one found between my ears! (and, now you can use it too!)

In depth analysis. One of my favorite and most used SEO strategies is what I call the kitchen sink strategy. This means we try everything possible to optimize a site for SEO. This also applies to my audit process by analyzing every possible aspect of a client’s SEO infrastructure. Which means that even though I can customize an audit to your client’s needs, the majority of my audits all include the following sections:

  • Traffic and Analytics Analysis
  • Indexation Analysis
  • Markup Analysis
  • Content and Page Analysis
  • External Link Analysis
  • UX/Usability Analysis
  • Strategic Roadmap

Post audit review and support. After the audit or report is delivered to the client I am available to review the audit and answer any questions with the client and the agency account manager free of charge. You can introduce me as a member of your team or as an independent SEO that is helping out.

White Label SEO Audit FAQs

How long does it take to do a white label SEO audit?

Usually no more than 30 days. However, the typical turn around is about 2 weeks.

What do you require to do the white label SEO audit?

Most audits just require access to your client’s Google Analytics and Google Search Console. After the deposit is paid I will send you instructions with the right email to add for each.

Can you implement the recommendations found in the white label SEO audit?

In every audit is a section that indicates which recommendations I can help your agency implement. If you’d like me to leave that section out and use your in house team instead, thats cool too.

Can the white label SEO audit include special areas of interest?

Yes each white label SEO audit can examine targeted areas or problems. Please mention what those areas or special problems are when requisition a quote and I will include it in the pricing.

Can we see an example white label SEO audit?

Sure! Email me, and I will send one.

Do your white label SEO audits come from an automated tool?

No, they do not. I use ScreamingFrog, Semrush, Majestic.com, and several other tools and data providers to collect the required data needed. I use this data to put together a custom audit with the client’s web site in focus. Everything is written for the client specifically, and considers the context of the best strategy for success.

When can you get started?

If this is your first white label SEO audit, we will need to meet to discuss branding, and audit delivery. Then I can send you a proposal. As soon as you approve the proposal I will send you an invoice for a 50% deposit on the project. After the deposit is paid I will send you an ETA for the audit and begin working as soon as possible.

Can you review the completed white label SEO audit with our client?

Yes as soon as the audit is completed I will work with you to schedule a review meeting with you and your client where we will review the entire audit over a screen share. You can introduce me as a member of your team or an outside consultant. A recording of the meeting will be provided afterwards for you and your client to review if needed.

Contact me today about availability, pricing, sample audits, or just to say howdy! I am limited to how many agencies I can work with at once so please don’t hesitate to reach out ASAP.


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