An in depth on-line video course teaching how to best optimize HTML for SEO. Joe walks you through 11 video lectures on SEO best practices and insight from writing HTML for the last 20 years. This course is designed for the non-technical marketing professional that wants to sharpen their skill set and gain traction in the search engines.

Learning With Video Is Fun And Easy

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  • Designed for Beginners
    Designed for Beginners: Each video lecture is written with easy to understand language and helpful step-by-step tips. Joe makes a point to stay away from technical jargon and information that isn’t needed. The result is concise and direct training materials with an easy to use and understand interface. This course is designed for beginners, but can add value to any marketing team.
  • 11 Video Lectures
    11 Video Lectures: Inside this course there are 11 video lectures that cover every aspect of optimizing HTML for SEO. Some chapters explore broad topics such as JavaScript and HTML. While other chapters zero in on specific information such as the Canonical Tag or controlling search engines with robot directives. And 11 is just the beginning, new videos are added as needed and updates to existing videos are added as things change (all of which is included in a one time payment).
  • Sample Code
    Sample Code: Each video lecture comes with easy-to-understand sample code that can be edited, copied and pasted into your existing projects. Each sample comes with instructions on how to optimize or use for beginners.
  • Earn An Impressive Skill Set
    Earn An Impressive Skill Set: Marketing professionals that can quickly optimize a page in HTML, provide a valuable skill set to their team. Adding HTML optimization to your resume can create a strong competitive edge when looking for a job in digital marketing or any industry that does business on the internet.


  • What is this course about?
    • In this course we will learn how to best optimize HTML for web pages
      for SEO.
  • Who is this course for?
    • This course is designed for beginner SEOs, web designers, web developers, and
      content markers, or anyone that wants to learn how to optimize HTML
      for SEO.
  • Do I need to know HTML?
    • No, you do not need to know HTML. However,  a basic
      understanding of it will help you with this course.
  • Will I learn HTML and what is this course not about?
    • You will learn some HTML as it applies to SEO, but this course will not teach HTML in full. At the end of this course you will understand the important parts of HTML for SEO and how to apply them to your website.