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Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

Meta tags help search engines,

and so do you!

What are SEO meta tags?

SEO meta tags are HTML elements found in the <head> section of web pages written in HTML. Their purpose is to communicate important information to search engines that can be used during the indexing and ranking of web pages. The term “SEO meta tag” comes from HTML <meta> elements, however it also can include <link> and <title> tags.

How do meta tags help SEO?

Each tag has a different purpose and can have a different impact on rankings and appearance. For example the content found in a title tag can have substantial impact on the terms that a page ranks for in search engines. Whereas the content found in a meta description tag may only provide benefit to the appearance of the page within the search engine results. Each tag has a specific purpose and the content found in each are used differently.