SEO Audits That Drive Performance

SEO has one of the highest ROI in all of digital marketing channels. Because of this, it is critically important that organizations that invest in SEO do so with the right analysis and information, informing them on their best course of action. By having expert analysis and insights, organizations can increase their projected ROI by making smart decisions in the beginning to maximize the amount of return as quickly as possible.

Below we have listed some of the most common forms of SEO analysis and services that we do. Each is tailor made for the client and seeks to understand each organizations unique needs.

If you are not sure which analysis is right for you, or you are interested in something not on this page, please contact us today.

Comprehensive Technical SEO Audit

Joe has provided SEO audits for hundreds of websites over his 15 year career in SEO. Through this level of experience he has fine tuned an audit process that ensures all interested parties and stakeholders can learn valuable insights for success. Each audit is prepared for both executive management, technical team members, and everyone in between.

The Comprehensive Technical SEO Audit includes everything mentioned on this page in one document customized for each unique business’ needs.

Organic Traffic Analysis & Analytics Audit

  • Google Analytics 4 Audit – A check to make sure your Google Analytics is setup correctly and fully optimized. Joe will compare your account against a high performance checklist to tune up your account and check for Quality Assurance.
  • Risk Analysis – Joe compares your organic traffic history against documented algorithm changes or updates to verify the site isn’t being currently filtered or penalized.
  • Top Organic Landing Pages – An overview of the top performing pages in search engine results. Perfect for understanding what types of content works well for SEO.
  • Channel Comparison – An analysis to see how well your marketing efforts are working for each of your channels.
  • Organic Conversions and Goals – To best understand how well search engine traffic contributes to your business objectives and goals.
  • Organic Traffic UX – An overview of how users from search engines are using the site and areas that can be improved upon.

Each analysis is done by hand and includes what is mentioned above, plus any unique issues or problems discovered during the audit.


Index & Crawling Analysis & Audit

  • Search Console Coverage Report Audit – A check to identify problems and solutions in your Search Console Coverage Report.
  • XML Sitemap Audit – Joe will audit your XML sitemaps for best practices and coverage.
  • robots.txt and Meta Tag Directives Audit – Joe will review your use of robots.txt and meta tags for best practices, coverage, and blockers.
  • Internal Link Audit – Joe will crawl the site to verify there are no issues with internal links and recommend new strategies to optimizing your site’s internal link structure.
  • Page Rendering Audit – Joe will verify pages are rendering correctly for search engines to index.

Each analysis is done by hand and includes what is mentioned above, plus any unique issues or problems discovered during the audit.


Markup/Code Audit & Analysis

  • SEO Meta Tags Audit – Joe will review that your Title, Meta Description, Meta Robots, Canonical, and Hreflang Tags are properly formed and error free.
  • Schema/Structured Data Audit – Joe will Q/A existing structured data as well as create new structured data in the form of JSON-LD where needed.
  • JavaScript/DOM Rendering Audit – Joe will verify all JS generated elements are being crawled and indexed correctly.
  • On Page HTML Audit – Joe verifies that HTML used on the site’s pages adhere to SEO best practices.

Each analysis is done by hand and includes what is mentioned above, plus any unique issues or problems discovered during the audit.


Content Analysis

  • Duplicate Content Analysis – Joe will scan the site using two different methods to identify areas of duplication at the page and content level.
  • Low Hanging Fruit (Keyword Rankings) – Joe identifies pages ranking 7 through 15 for high volume terms and prioritizes for optimization.
  • Content Visibility Analysis – Joe will identify content and terms that are receiving visibility in search, but not traffic.
  • Content Quality Analysis – Joe will use crawl data and OpenAI’s API to collect a handful of content quality metric to help identify content quality.

Each analysis is done by hand and includes what is mentioned above, plus any unique issues or problems discovered during the audit.


Backlink Analysis

  • Target Distribution – Joe will identify which pages and parts of the domain are receiving links.
  • Anchor Text Analysis – Joe will report on the top used terms and keywords used in links that point to the domain.
  • Link Risk Analysis – Joe will check for patterns in your backlink profile that correlate with manipulative behavior or bad link networks.
  • Lost Link Recovery – Joe will identify links built in the past that now point to missing or deleted pages.

Each analysis is done by hand and includes what is mentioned above, plus any unique issues or problems discovered during the audit.


UX/Usability Analysis

  • Core Web Vitals Analysis – Using the lighthouse API Joe will test each page against Google’s Core Web vitals metrics to see how each page performs on mobile devices.
  • Performance Opportunities Analysis – Joe will report on opportunities to improve load performance site wide and prioritize each with number of pages it will impact.
  • Pre-loading Analysis – Joe will identify your site’s heaviest page and design assets and provide a strategy for pre-loading to dramatically speed up the site.

Each analysis is done by hand and includes what is mentioned above, plus any unique issues or problems discovered during the audit.


SEO Strategic Plan

In this analysis Joe will meet with you and your company’s stakeholders to understand your main goals and objectives for SEO. Then through careful analysis in technical, content, backlinks, and competitive research, he will develop a high level strategic plan for achieving your desired goals with organic traffic. This is the perfect deliverable for businesses that are new to SEO and need a road map to guide them in which direction to go first. While this may not be a complete audit, this document will provide the necessary insights to prioritize investment in technical infrastructure, content, and backlink development.


Power Hour

If you are not ready for a full audit or analysis but would still like some advice, or have a list of questions you’d like Joe to answer, you might be a perfect candidate for the “Power Hour”. This consulting engagement is designed to benefit those that require a one-on-one conversation either about the SEO process or a specific issue in general. The meeting is recorded via zoom and provided for reference later. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Joe ahead of time to see if you are a good match for this type of consulting.


SEO Audit FAQs

Common Questions & Answers:

  • How long will it take to complete the SEO audit?

    No longer than 30 days. However, the typical audit takes about two weeks.

  • What do you need from us to do the SEO audit?

    For most audits all we need is access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console. We will send you instructions with the right email to add to those dashboards.

  • Can you help implement the SEO audit after its done?

    Included in every audit is a section that indicates which recommendations we’d be happy to help you implement. However in many cases it’s best that your in-house team manage changes that they are responsible for maintaining. We can discuss the details of implementation after the audit is completed.

  • Can the SEO audit focus on things that aren’t on this web site?

    Yes each audit can examine special interest areas or solve specific problems if needed. If you haven’t already please notify us of any special things you would like for us to consider while performing the audit. In some cases extra analysis may alter the quote and cost.

  • Can we see an example SEO audit?

    Sure! Contact us, and we will send one over.

  • Do your SEO audits come from an automated tool?

    We use ScreamingFrog, Semrush,, and several other data providers to collect the required data needed for each audit. We use this data to write a custom audit with your web site in mind. Every recommendation is written for your website specifically, and is given a priority level that considers the best strategy for success. Joe Says that the best SEO tool he uses is the one between his ears, and his clients agree!

  • How long after the SEO audit can we expect to see results?

    It will depend on the required changes listed in the audit, the speed at which you are able to implement those changes, and your existing performance within the search engines. We can answer this question with more certainty after the audit is completed.

  • Will you review the completed SEO audit with us?

    Yes as soon as the audit is completed we will schedule a review meeting with you and your team where we will review the entire audit over a screen share. The meeting can go on as long as needed and we can answer any questions that you or your team has. A recording of the meeting will be provided afterwards for you and your team to review if needed.

  • How do your consulting services compare to an SEO agency?

    In the best case scenario, most SEO agencies give their clients advice and recommendations that fill the needs of both their client and the agency. This means that the recommendations are geared towards helping the client with services the agency can easily provide and charge for on a monthly basis. Some SEO agencies ignore their client needs altogether and only recommend what they can charge them for. Because Joe doesn’t normally operate on a retainer structure (no recurring billing), clients can rest assured his recommendations are only for their success.