I now work at PerficientDigital.com as a Senior Organic Search Strategist.

As of 6/25/2018 I am now a Senior Organic Search Strategist at PerficientDigital.com!! I will still be providing world class SEO consulting and insights to mid-level and enterprise brands, but now with in Perficient’s family of global technology services. What this means is clients can expect the same level of insights and dedication along side an amazing team of SEOs such as Matt Ruud, Renee Girard, Ben Cook, Phil Haas, and Bobby Gonzalez just to name a few.

Anyone that has ever owned their own business will tell you that a majority of your time is spent doing the things that have nothing to do with the work you charge for. This is simply because when you are a solo entrepreneur you are forced to wear every hat that’s required to run a business. This includes, marketing, sales, book keeping, sub contractor management, account management, tech support, reporting, and a million other things that don’t include the one thing you thought you’d be doing when you started your business. And quite honestly I am tired of wearing a million hats and only getting paid for one. Also, I have struggled to grow the business’ revenue while still maintaining the quality of work that I am comfortable with. Its hard to scale consulting with out literally cloning yourself. 😛

But beside the struggles of running and scaling a small consulting business, I am also faced with uncertainty about the future. Entrepreneurs with disabilities face many challenges that others don’t. One of which is securing access to affordable healthcare. And as I grow older affordable healthcare is becoming more and more important in my life. Unfortunately, it looks like for me access to healthcare is again on dubious grounds. However, Perficient has been able to provide me with an excellent benefits package that gives me the peace of mind and stability to continue my career.

Perficient has also generously allowed me to pursue non-competing side projects if I’d like. Which means I am able to start another business on the side if I want. This will allow me an exciting opportunity to build something non-SEO related that will help me pursue my creative side, like so many “born to be entrepreneurs”. 🙂 So stay tuned for exciting things, because after 11 years in SEO, with Perficient Digital at my side, I feel like I am just getting started again! 🙂

Joe Hall is a SEO consultant, web developer, writer, marketer, and artist that has worked on both the national and local levels around a variety of diverse topics and technologies. Most of his work has been focused on developing the tools needed for small businesses and nonprofits to become empowered on the internet. Describing him self as “web-head”, Joe engages the internet with a passion and desire to bring change and new opportunities to his clients and users.

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1 thoughts on “I now work at PerficientDigital.com as a Senior Organic Search Strategist.

  • Melanie Phung says:

    Congrats! Perficient is lucky to have you, and I know you’ll be great. Enjoy this new, exciting chapter!

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